Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lakeside Medical Care accept insurance?

Currently, Lakeside Medical Care does not accept insurance. We accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, and checks. Veterans and individuals with disabilities may receive a discount.

What is the process of getting a recommendation?

When you arrive at your appointment (either in our office or via telemedicine) you will be asked to fill out medical history form, along with some other documents and disclosures. You must provide a valid state-issued NY ID or Driver’s License prior to your evaluation. You will then meeting with our physician who will evaluate you for the medical marijuana recommendation. If you qualify you will receive your certification that same day.

What medical documentation should I bring?

It is important for you to bring any medical documentation (from previous physician visits, ER visits, chiropractor visits, etc.) that supports your qualifying diagnosis for medical marijuana. This includes recent medical records, prescriptions, physician’s letter, chiropractor’s letter, x-rays, MRI’s, or any other documentation related to your qualifying diagnosis. You will need to contact your physician for this documentation.

All medical records can be emailed to lakesidemedicalcare@gmail.com or faxed to (716) 680-8181.

What if I don’t have medical records?

If you haven’t seen a doctor for your condition we can help diagnose you with a debilitating condition. The doctor may order additional testing and may charge an addition fee.