Patient Testimonials

The Reviews of Our Clients-Patient Testimonials

Lakeside Medical Care is proud of its patient testimonials. When it comes to legally obtaining medical marijuana, it is best to have a certificate from a renowned clinic. If you resident of New York, look no further than Lakeside Medical Care and pay us a visit right away. On this page, you have the chance to learn what our patients think about the services we provide for them. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts as well!

Lakeside Medical Care Patient testimonials

Lakeside Medical Care Patient Testimonials


  • “*****” 5 Stars  – Ed G., November 2016

  • “Fantastic facility and staff. MMJ saved my life. Gave me back control of my life!”   – Travis P., January 2017

  • “Lakeside is friendly and knowledgeable. I believe in Lakeside so much that I have been passing out flyers and volunteering rides for the disabled.”     – Jourdan M., October 2016

  • “Kind and patient doctor. He is very attentive to patient needs. Lakeside Medical Care staff are prompt in responding to phone calls and emails. The practice is providing a much needed service to the Buffalo area. I greatly appreciate the practice and its staff.” – Tiffany K., Mar 2017

  • “Very down to earth – easy to get started 🙂 .  Wonderful doctor. He was extremely welcoming and very comforting. He made what I thought a little awkward (going to get mmj) as smooth and normal as any doctors appointment I’ve ever had. I will continue to see him personally and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a chance to better their lives. Thank you” – Mike M., Dec 2016

  • ” No hassles ! Lakeside Medical Care is like having a friend in the business. Helped me through all of the forms and was always available when l had a question. If you have a qualifying medical condition like my neuropathy you won’t have any problem getting a mmj card and certification.” – Daniel Mar 2017

Our staff is dedicating to provide quality service to all patients. We are available to answer your questions via email or phone. Contact us today!